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The Cure Party: Celebrating Robert Smith 60th Birthday - entire setlist.

DJ Defier                                             
Where The Birds Always Sing                                   
Out of This World [Oakenfold Remix]                           
In Your House                                                 
Shake Dog Shake [Concert: The Cure Live]                                            
Fire in Cairo                                                 
This Twilight Garden
The Holy Hour [Reflections, Live in Sydney, 2011]*                                          
How Beautiful You Are [Clearmountain 7" Remix]                
Snow in Summer                                                
[Untitled] [Entreat]                                                
To the Sky                                                    
David Bowie - Slow Burn
Sleep When I'm Dead [MTV Live, 2008]*  

DJ Bacana                                                  
The Big Hand                                                  
10:15 Saturday Night [In Orange]                               
The Walk                                                      
The Hanging Garden                                            
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
Open [Festival 2005]*

DJ Violator                                               
2 Late                                                        
Prayers for Rain                                              
Maybe Someday                                                 
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Swimming Horses
Killing An Arab [In Orange]*

DJ Paul Fitzpatrick                                              
A Pink Dream                                                  
Just Like Heaven [Dynamo Extended Club Mix]                   
A  Forest [From Hell Mix]                                     
Just One Kiss                                                 
One Hundred Years
Lullaby [Lollapalooza, 2013]*

DJ Violator                                           
All I Want                                                    
The Blood                                                     
Sisters Of Mercy - Driven Like the Snow                                          
Why Can't I Be You?                                           
Shiver and Shake
Boys Don't Cry [Show]*

DJ Defier                                              
Mint Car                                                      
Happy Birthday Robert [Piano]                                        
Play for Today                                                
M [Attack Mix 2018]                                           
Pictures of You [Show]                                            
Doing the Unstuck                                             
Not In Love [feat. Robert Smith]
The Kiss [Trilogy]*

DJ Bacana                            
The Figurehead                                                
Charlotte Sometimes                                           
She Past Away - Sanrı                                                         
In Between Days                                               
Close To Me ]Official Video]*

DJ Violator                                                          
Never Enough                                                  
The Lovecats [TC & Benny Mix 1990 - Remastered 2018]          
Clan Of Xymox - 7th Time                                                      
A Night Like This                                             
Friday I'm in Love
Fascination Street [Austin City Limits Music Festival, 2013]*

DJ Defier                                        
A Strange Day                                                 
Fontaines D.C. - Hurricane Laughter
Three Imaginary Boys [Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy, Paris, 2008]*                   
Cut Here                                                      
A Letter to Elise [R]                                          
World in My Eyes                                             
A Forest [Tree Mix]                                           
Boys Don't Cry                          
End [Cut Out]                                                        

* Audio - Video Projection
[R] Request
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