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Depeche Mode Global Spirit Party (The Counterfeiter live)

DJ Defier

Stories Of Old              
Two Minute Warning               
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live)                
In Sympathy               
Fragile Tension               
Ice Machine               
See You

DJ Violator
So Much Love                
Policy of Truth (7" Version)              
The Cure - Just Like Heaven               
Sun & The Rainfall              

DJ Bacana
My Joy                
Black Celebration (101)               
Null + Void - Where I Wait (feat. Dave Gahan) (The Hacker Remix)                 
People Are People               
CAMOUFLAGE - The Great Commandment (12" Mix)                                         
Just Can't Get Enough (101)               
Long time lie (Extended FDieu RmiX)               
VNV Nation - Carry You                                                                                   
Alone (Fdieu Rmix 2015)

Mark Plunkett aka The Counterfeiter (Live Session)                    
01 The Intro (The Ineffable Orchestra)                
02 Breathe (RaphMODE)                                                                                       
02 One Caress (RaphMODE)                                                                                     
03 Home (Instrumental Mix)                                                                                 
04 A Question Of Lust (Modular State)                                                                  
05 I Want You Now (1994 Version) (Modular State)                                                                
06 It Doesnt Matter Two (Modular State)

DJ Defier
David Gahan - A Song For Europe                                                     
Going Backwards                                                  
Dave Gahan - Kingdom                                                                             
Gus Gus - Monument                                             
Where's The Revolution                                  
Heroes (Highline Sessions Version)                           
Nothing's Impossible (Live in O2 Arena, Dublin)                                        
Suffer Well

DJ Violator
But Not Tonight (Extended Mix)                                    
World In My Eyes                                                   
Embrace The Crisis - Lookin' Around (iEuropean Synthpop Mix)                                
Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)                                             
Soothe My Soul                                                   
It's No Good                                                         
Photographic (Some Bizarre Version)                                 
Everything Counts (101)                                         
I Feel Loved

DJ Defier
Should Be Higher (MAPS Remix)                                        
Barrel of a Gun                                                    
Master And Servant (101)               
I Feel You                                                              
You Move                                                             
John The Revelator                                          
Fly On The Windscreen (Live)                                        
Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)                                    
Dreaming Of Me                                                      
Shake The Disease                                                    
Never Let Me Down Again    

Audio - Video Projections:
New Live ( The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg)
Behind The Wheel (Devotional)
Cover Me (BBC Radio 6 Music Festival, Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow)
Enjoy The Silence (MTV Pro-shot, Cologne Arena, Cologne, Germany)
A Question Of Time (Rock Am Ring)
Walking In My Shoes (Live in Bilbao, Delta Machine Tour)

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