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Depeche Mode Party | September 2019 - entire setlist.

DJ Defier                              
Martin L. Gore - Europa Hymn                                                  
Martin L. Gore - In My Time of Dying                                          
Soulsavers - Gone Too Far (Reconstructed Mix)                             
The Sinner In Me                                             
Only When I Lose Myself                                      
Shame (Live)                                                 
And One - Traumfrau                                                    
Tora! Tora! Tora! (Remastered)                               
Blasphemous Rumours                                          
I Want You Now (Alan Wilder Reconstruction Mix)
Intro, A Pain That I'm Used To (Touring the Angel: Live in Milan) *

DJ Bacana           
New Life                                                     
Martin L. Gore - Compulsion                                                   
Goldfrapp - Ocean (Feat. Dave Gahan)                                     
Blue Dress                                                   
Secret To The End                                            
So Much Love
Dream On (Guitar Intro) / The Dead Of Night (One Night in Paris) *

DJ Violator                                           
I Feel You                                                   
Something To Do                                              
Policy Of Truth                                              
It's Called a Heart                                          
Embrace The Crisis - Lessons                                                      
The Sun & The Rainfall                                       
People Are People (Original 7'' Version)                     
Here Is The House
Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floor (Live Monsters) *    
DJ Defier                                                      
Nothing's Impossible
Rush (Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, San Francisco 14.05.1994)                                       
Embrace The Crisis - Defying Culture (Edit)                                       
Dave Gahan & Soulsavers - One Thing (Musique Electronique)      
Leave In Silence (The World We Live In and Live in Hamburg) *              
Dave Gahan - Endless (Man Machine Mix)                                    
Barrel Of A Gun                                              
Dream On                                                     
IAMX - Nightlife                                                    
Get the Balance Right!                                       
A Question Of Time (Touring the Angel: Live in Milan) *

DJ Bacana                                                    
Now This Is Fun                                              
Dangerous (7" Version)                                       
Where's The Revolution                                       
Black Celebration                                            
Just Can't Get Enough (101)                                    
Walking In My Shoes                                          
Master And Servant
It's No Good (Cologne, Germany 05.10.1998) *     

DJ Violator                                    
Behind The Wheel                                             
Lie To Me                                                    
But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)                             
World In My Eyes                                             
Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)                                     
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll                                              
I Feel Loved                                                 
Enjoy the Silence (Hands & Feet Mix)
Personal Jesus (Tour of the Universe: Barcelona 20/21.11.09) *

DJ Defier                      
Going Backwards
In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)                                    
Should Be Higher (MAPS Remix)                                
Photographic (Some Bizzare Version)
Everything Counts (Devotional) *                         
Shake The Disease                                            
Boys Say Go! (Live)                                          
The Cure - Cut Here                                                     
Peace (Dominatrix Remix)                                     
Never Let Me Down Again

*Audio - Video Projection
Last update by Defier: December 2020
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