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Depeche Mode New Album Spirit Launch Party - entire setlist.

DJ Defier                             
Black Celebration                                         
MG - Europa Hymn                                                                                              
All That's Mine                                                        
The Sinner In Me                                                                         
Only When I Lose Myself                                                   
Scum (Frenetic Mix)                                                          
Embrace The Crisis - Fool For You                                                                                   
The Landscape Is Changing                                                            
It Doesn't Matter Two  

DJ Bacana                                          
(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me                               
Now This Is Fun                     
Lie To Me                                                                                
Dangerous [7" Version]                                 
Just Can't Get Enough (101)                   
Barrel of a Gun
DJ Violator
Two Minute Warning                                                                
Sun & The Rainfall                                                                          
Suffer Well                                                                                
Something To Do                                                                            
World In My Eyes (Live Devotional)                                                                        
But Not Tonight [Extended Mix]                                 
Pleasure, Little Treasure

DJ Defier
Welcome to My World                                                    
In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)                                                                      
Nothing's Impossible                                                                       
You Move                                                                                             
Dream On                                                                           
Master And Servant                                                                         
Get the Balance Right!                                                                   
Dave Gahan - Love Will Leave (Kap10kurt Remix)                                                       
Fragile Tension

DJ Bacana                                                               
New Life                                                                                       
Poison Heart                                                                                        
Barrel of a Gun                                                                                     
Should Be Higher                                                       
The Mobile Homes - How People Talk                                                                      
People Are People (101)

DJ Violator                
John The Revelator                                                                       
Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)                                                                      
A Question Of Time (Remix)                                                                  
Yeah Yeah Yeah - Zero                                                                                             
It's No Good                                                                                      
Soothe My Soul                                                         
I Feel Loved
DJ Defier
Dave Gahan - Use You (Maps Remix)                                                                     
Personal Jesus                                                                   
Stories Of Old                                                                             
Everything Counts [Live]                                                            
New Dress                                                       
Policy of Truth (7" Version)                                                                 
Mercy In You (SOFAD Live)                                                                
Enjoy the Silence                                                              
Just Can't Get Enough (Live In Berlin)                                                                
Never Let Me Down Again

Audio-Video Projections:
Blasphemous Rumours (101)
Heaven (Live, Canal +)
Going Backwards (Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin 2017)
PIMPF (Official Video)                                                               
Where's The Revolution (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)
Cover Me (Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin 2017)
So Much Love (Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin 2017)
Walking In My Shoes (Live In Berlin)
Where's The Revolution (Official Video)

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