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KuBO are a Dublin based electronic duo, consisting of Brian O'Malley (PolyDROID) and Aidan Casserly (Empire State Human & Ferrochrome). Having first recorded electronic music together in 1986 under the name ManSeries, this initial partnership, which was minimal in its form and structure, began whilst both were still at school.

Since then the friends have explored difference genres and arenas, collaborating again in various forms over the years including the very early days of Empire State Human as well as a film scores for the Brian O'Malley directed short 'Screwback'.
Inspired by the resurgence and renewed interest in this early, minimal form of electronic music the two have now once again come together to record as 'Kubo', picking up where they left off back in 1986. Brian's 'Gary Numan' and 'Vangelis' inspired dark, cinematic synth layering's, under pinned by pulsating bass synth lines and tight drum programming are the perfect counterfoil to the angelic voice of Aidan Casserly, who’s long time fascination with 'David Bowie', ‘Jacques Brel’ and ‘Kraftwerk’ make for a meeting of the minds that goes back to the roots of the music the pair made as teenagers.

Those original inspirations, fueled by a fascination with Science Fiction, Avant-Garde cinema, alienation and...Vampires, are once again at the centre of these recordings, which form a synthetic landscape of brooding, melodic, minimal electronica, with the focus on a pure and deliberate exploration of synthetic sound and evocative vocal melody.
KuBO was formed in October 2012, launched in March 2013.

Upcoming shows: N/A

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